What should my child wear for camp?

Comfortable gym attire, e.g shorts, t-shirt and gym shoes. No flip flops.

What time does camp start?

9AM until noon for each camp day.

Does my child need to bring his/her diabetes supplies?

YES! Please bring his/her meter, glucagon kit, and tests strips.

How often are blood sugars checked?

Approximately every 45 minutes. Campers will also check before camp begins and at the end of the camp.

Are snacks provided?

Snacks will be available for kids who require them and to treat hypoglycemia.

What if my child has a food allergy?

 Please include ANY and ALL food allergies on the medical form, and please provide appropriate snacks and/or treatment for hypoglycemia.

What if my child has Asthma?

 Please include an inhaler with your child.

Will there be medical people on site?

Yes. We will have registered dietitians, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists and diabetes educators on site at every camp. 

Can I stay and watch my child play basketball?

Of course! There will be workshops for parents each day that focus on managing diabetes.